PRODÁM Sweep QTS Low Profile Tires 32deg w/BBS Black Spok

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Made in cooperation of Sweep Racing with Mibosport are brand new SQS-32PGL competition tyres on BBS style rims. It is special designed for the realistic touring car classes, especialy for growing front wheel drive 1/10th touring car class. Their main features are belt slick low profile tyres for good traction and easy to drive without traction roll. They come pre-glued on black BBS style rims, offering cool look. Each set of tyres include also 5 sets colored stickers for matching with body color and make even cooler look.


BBS style rims

Belt slick low profile tyres for good traction


5 color variants


SQS-32PGL tyre on BBS style rim (4pcs)

White ring sticker (1pc)
Blue ring sticker (1pc)
Green ring sticker (1pc)
Red ring sticker (1pc)
Yellow ring sticker (1pc)

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